These freshmen congresswomen really want to push their ideology on the mass of the Republic. I understand it's your right, you feel you're doing good. Trump does have a point though, some of you do come from failing economies and cities, you're pushing the same failing plans here now. This article questions who Trump and his followers believes is an American. I am a Trump supporter and I will in-fact say "Yes, you're an American Citizen". 

Your views on the other hand are not American, and that is what Trump is stating here. America is the land of the free, not the labor socialist party. America is the land of the do 'what you want', not the democrat dictatorship of welfare and tax implementations redistributed by communist needs. You have the right to make a good living, learn, become rich, live a good life, or just settle for middle class. 


If you were a true American you would care more about the Blacks and Hispanic citizens in the low income areas and trying to appropriate the proper funds for their success. But, you don't care. You only care about flooding the country with more immigration to drive down income wages, vote democrat, and push your socialist agenda. Your agenda will eventually put all Americans in that low income area that you don't care about while transferring control to the socialist party. This will lead to loss of sovereignty, land rights, speech, gun rights, and have heavy government involvement. 


Start helping the low income communities, then you will truly be an American. Nancy Pelosi told you to get in line for a reason.


Am I an American?

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How a 'slick talker' lobbyist boosted the false Seth Rich murder conspiracy — before getting shot himself

WASHINGTON — On a summer evening two years ago, a film crew and actors gathered on a street in northwest Washington to stage a reenactment of an event that had captured the imagination of “alt-right” activists and allies of President Trump: the murder of former Democratic National

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Not only a very patriotic show and dedicated to the men and women who service our country, it was written well. Critics will sit there and blast his meaning, continue to be against anything "Make America Great Again". Song writers, singers, some actors and actresses. They rather the U.S. be a Socialist China, a world of Socialism delivered to you by Hollywood drug addicts (of course that is if you're addicted to being a Socialist). There is a place for it, it's called "The People's Republic of China" yet these people continue to live here (U.S.A.) and push the ideology? I understand it's your right but how do you explain the fact I can own the apartment but never the land it resides on? I guess you (the U.S. Socialists) find owning land is a good thing too.

'Show the world who we are': Trump's 4th of July military show has visitors pumped, but critics slam it as an ego trip

WASHINGTON – As they strolled along the National Mall Tuesday, visitors to the nation's capital were just learning about the grandiose July 4th celebration that will showcase Army tanks and military flyovers beyond the usual pageantry.

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THE PRESIDENT:  Well, thank you very much.  We just finished a signing, a very important signing, of the Taxpayer First Bill, the IRS Taxpayer First, which is a tremendous thing for our citizens, having to do with the IRS.  It streamlines, and so many other changes made.  So, that was just done and signed, and it’s been made into law.  So we’re all set on that.

And today, I’m signing a bill to deliver $4.6 billion in humanitarian assistance to our southern border.  This includes funding for medical care, shelters, and 

Remarks by President Trump at Signing of H.R. 3401

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