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We at AMS respect your privacy and security of personal information. All information sent to our servers are protected and used for U.S. resident Identification purposes ONLY, and will not be sold, shared, or made available to the public by any means unless forced by the laws of Orange County, New York, U.S.A.
Benefits of having a e-mail through our service
Once your application is approved you will have access to our e-mail servers (AmericaMailService). Your e-mail account is based on your state of residency and exclusive to that domain. Because of the number of e-mail domains available by state, territory, district, and possession we are able to offer more options of names that you wish to represent you. AMS requires a application and approval process. AMS does target the large commercial market and an e-mail provider to the residential small business part of the market. We encourage American business and International Corporations located within the states to look at what America Mail Service can do for you. Your account can be accessed anywhere in the world and by multiple platforms, mobile devices, and laptops. Did we forget to mention this service is free for N.A. residents. Non-Residents will be required to pay a 0.001 BTC registration fee.Apply Today
AMS a government or state agency?
NO, we are a private organization. We offer e-mails based on state, territory, district, and possessions registered with our servers and to applicants who qualify with our service.
May I apply for an E-mail through the postal service?
Yes, you can apply for an E-mail by submitting this application. (You will be required to print and mail).
I reside in two or more states may I get two or more e-mail addresses?
Yes, if you find the need for 2 or more emails we can accomidate you. The fee for additional emails is 0.001 BTC. Send us a email

Please e-mail Contact@americamailservice with any support/help questions you may have.
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