How HOAs' in America are struggling just as much as the consumer.

You would think being part of an HOA your dues are producing a profit, well you need to join the board meetings. Unless the HOA has some serious thievery going on your association is not producing much of a profit. Actually they may be in the red as a whole.

Welcome to Biden’s America, housing associations’ forced to raise monthly fees due to inflation. Management companies try to explain their losses to the board members. The real reason for the increase in prices is diesel fuel, lumber, and insurance companies. Getting sued for slip and fall or just straight idiocy.

An HOA environment is great for a landlord because they don’t live there. Tenant’s complain? Go to the HOA manager. The deck is broken, the outside walkway needs to be fixed, and the lawn needs to be mowed. This is why landlords choose HOAs’ over homes, they don’t have to do half the work.

Now owners on the other hand that live there have to deal with the HOA and all the inhabitants. This is where making the neighborhood a fun, friendly, home to live in is very important. Unfortunately under high inflation, construction costs, and a divided nation doing so is even harder than ever before.

Time to think American, because we ALL are.  

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