Welcome to the largest Shib burn platform in the world, the metaverse in overdrive. Designed to use the financial backing of Alphabet, Google’s (Adsense) parent. Unlocking an unlimited amount of advertisers with over a 1 trillion US dollar combined marketcap.

America Mail Service is an email provider that offers geographical domains. The addresses represent your residency, like area codes. @Continentbox.com offers the entire globe and beyond a universal address.

Shiba Inu offers the world and all investors (at the time of writing) an essential tool in the box. This tool can make owning a home, servicing a vehicle, repairing a deck, and everything else a lot simpler. Simply by having a bulk number you increase your odds of becoming financially wealthy. So wealthy the cost of gasoline per gallon becomes 0.00000001 doge coin.

The difference between Shiba inu and doge is simple. One coin has a limit and the other does not. You can’t create more than 1 quadrillion Shib tokens. This is a lot of tokens to start out with. But by sending supply to the dead wallet you can decrease the supply, forever. So how do you get 1 quadrillion tokens down to 20 trillion? Unleash Advertising.

I ask that you support the advertisers, buy their products. Browse all of the sites and articles! #SHIBARMY Richer together.

All burns will be conducted once the Ad revenue hits a medium holding. The goal is to be burning every 2 days.


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