Work with America Mail Service (internship 6 month) Full Remote.

America Mail Service is a global email provider through a series of geographical based domains.

America Mail Service is offering an internship position that is fully remote. Applicant must have php, html5, sql coding and admin knowledge.  Perfect for college graduates, current students looking to work with a social media website and help build the platform.

-Can write, edit, and administer php

-SQL database admin

-Cpanel, apache.

-Joomla environment CMS.

Send resumes to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Based on work performance this position will offer up to 40% partnership with the site. At the end of the internship employee will have the option (based on workmanship) to become a partner. Once a partner you will become fully eligible of the sale, proceeds, and profits generated on the site once it is fully completed and a production date has been passed. You will also be a % partner and have decision making authority.

Position title: Vice President,


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