The Housing Market is the New Crypto

When Bitcoin began it was being offered at low prices, one dollar or two for a coin. Users could mine for the coins, use faucets and be awarded bits, and finally exchange them at the first Bitcoin Market (  Then the crypto boom started! Tokens, block chains, and coins everywhere! Honestly, what can a Bitcoin do for you? Absolutely nothing. You can’t live in it, can’t eat it, definitely can’t shoot it (multiple definitions on shooting), and it’s only backed by miners without an economy.

Honestly, Argentina’s fiat currency is worth more than a Bitcoin and the whole network in reality. The Economy as a whole backs Argentina’s dollar. Workers, roads, trains, autos, government, airports, maritime trade, and the list goes on. This same logic can be used with any country. The U.S.A. has a massive economy. Printing more money is ok when it is backed by U.S. taxpayers. The value is the physical network. The problem is why is the U.S. paying interest on U.S. taxpayer dollars issued from the FED? Back on subject.

Welcome to the housing market where you can live under a roof, have the comforts of home cooking, and sitting on the couch. You can design and build your house of dreams and watch its monetary value explode in the near future! A shelter will always be worth more than a Bitcoin. So get ready for the next ride of a lifetime, home ownership. Also, a note to renters. Before this really takes off you should hop on board. Your rent will no-longer be worth nothing. Your payments will be turned into equity.

Don’t get left behind on the next Crypto (Housing Market) boom!

Forward looking statement. Housing prices will increase another 30 – 50% at current prices.

Purely opinion, like a stock nobody knows.

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