So, it’s Tuesday and Blackberry shoots up a dollar in the early A.M. Hey! That just caught my attention. I’m in and would you look at AMC go! Covid lockdowns are going to be a thing of the past and GME already got ran up like Biden’s gas pumps. Back on the Berries, oh this is going to be a fun ride full of BS on Stocktwits.

Wednesday hits and the GameStop crowd is laying some heavy volume on AMC. Well, what do you know those Berries hit another dollar! So sweet and original, at one point only executives had them. Now the apes got stuck with them wait, it’s not Friday yet. Back on AMC and its wonderful %100 gain.

There is a lot of science that goes into the stock price so pay attention very closely because I am going to explain my opinion and why AMC is different than GME. When GME happened Hedge fund houses and the NYSE had no idea what’s is going on, this is actually the first time through social media the funding (from users on the platforms) increased the volume on the stock. GME was allowed to just let erupt. The more demand for the stock the higher the price.

What goes into the stock price? Supply and demand, outstanding shares, quarterly financials, press releases, and authority software. What is authority software? This is the program that runs the whole house. NYSE has a server farm located in Mahwah, NJ that of course hosts a domain infrastructure of virtual machines and software. Like all domains there are domain admins and software administrators. See, some of you may argue this with me.

Learning their lesson with GME they were completely prepared for AMC and BB (or the next meme event). Why not just let the stock run? Well underwriters of that company may have an explanation like hey, we only have 200 million in assets and our stock is way beyond 150 a share. How are we going to cover all of this?

Now with authority software the NYSE admins can tell those underwriters no problem (off the record), we got you covered. First the Halts start. Then (again this is in theory and based on observation) the price manipulation starts. Forget about how many shares are flying, or financials, or demand, even big hedge houses. The software is now running the show. And this show you can’t beat. Time to cash out.   

Shut the front door because it’s thirsty Thursday and we about to get paid.

Thursday A.M. BB has a pre-market plus 4 dollars. Today’s the day. Opening bell and we are off. The stock drops a little bit but we already got a preview of what to expect (if you woke up early and saw the pre-market open). Around 10AM the stock hits the target and the volume is massive. Later on in the day BB falls victim to authority software. First the halts start. Then it’s a rigged show from here. Can multi-billion dollar firms drive the stock price down? Of-course but based on my observation of blackberry and the volume I believe software played a huge role.  

The casino has rules, know when to hold them, know when to fold them.

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are purely an opinion. No facts or evidence is provided.

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