The Voting system is perfect, appreciate the dealers.

Two friends sit around a table and play a poker game. This game happens to have a dealer that both friends have faith in to deal a legit game of cards. The audience watches as this heads up match turns into a close game as one competitor is slowly losing their chip stack. Impossible? Nothings impossible, especially when you’re playing poker. But if you can stack the deck with the help of the dealer, the other player is certainly doomed.

It appears this is what we are witnessing on a massive scale in one of the most important elections of our time. Joe Biden as it stands managed to accumulate the most votes in American history. Donald Trump is not far behind him with a current count busting out Obama in his election year.

We are shocked how the Biden campaign performs using Benford's law, which is an observation about the leading digits of the numbers found in real-world data sets.  We input the numeric data from three different candidates and the mathematic outcome defies the law completely.

More information on Benford's Law:

Allegheny County, PA: This includes Pittsburgh.


 Reports are coming out of Georgia about an excess of 100,000 votes that maybe ineligible. Fox News called the battle ground Arizona way before they could have any indication of Biden winning, this state may still be overturned once all the votes are in. Michigan gains 100,000+ votes only for Biden in a single dump. Apparently a whole city, even county in some states voted for Biden in the state of Michigan. Do we know all the facts behind this dump? No. Could they have sorted ballots already opened, Yes. Is them sorting 100,000 all Biden ballots logical, No.

Was mail-in ballot fraud foreshadowed by the Trump Administration and other News outlets way before the evolution? Yes.

The graphs below show enormous spikes after these Biden dumps.    


Do I believe this election is over? No, because evidence of deck stacking is adding up almost as fast as the mail-in ballots for Biden were mailing out election night and the day after. Twitter & Facebook are playing huge roles helping the situation of voter fraud by completely denying any fraud can exist. Their fact-checkers happen to be leftist democrats and or news agencies ensuring the mail-in ballot system is safe and secure. Even though the logic behind it shows that these ballots change hands multiple times before they reach the source. Also, signed affidavits are being presented that post office officials are allegedly back dating ballots which opens the door to extreme cheating. Below is an example on how twitter is interfering with an election. Twitter is posting a warning on government officials accounts that lead them to the page below:


Twitter is coming to a verdict without the legal courts even getting past the discovery phase, meaning, twitter is acting as the judge and jury on a case they have no legal authority to do so. Twitter in-fact is misleading the public along with their communist cousin Facebook, both leftist outlets. According to CISA, Mail-in ballots present an increased potential of cyber attacks among other voter fraud topics. outlines multiple voter fraud issues due to ballots. 

-The outbound and inbound processing of mail-in ballots introduces additional infrastructure and technology, which increases the potential scalability of cyber attacks.

-Operational risk management responsibility differs with mail-in voting and in-person voting processes. For mailin voting, some of the risk under the control of election officials during in-person voting shifts to outside entities, such as ballot printers, mail processing facilities, and the United States Postal Service (USPS).

U.S. Election Assistance Commission outlines multiple risks with Ballots in general (this includes mail-in ballots).

Ballot Marking Errors Some potential causes of ballot errors are: misinterpreting voter intent, ballot duplication errors such as duplicating a ballot using a pencil, and uncalibrated voting equipment. In addition to training, these are all errors that can be mitigated by having a state-specific voter intent guide, only allowing black or blue pens to be used in the ballot duplication area, and having voting equipment maintenance at least once per year

Risks Identify risks and mitigations throughout planning and conducting the RLA. Some risks and mitigations to consider are:

• Ballots Risk: Losing or misplacing ballots, or not maintaining chain-of-custody of ballots poses the greatest risk to properly conducting an RLA. Mitigation: Establish procedures for maintaining chain-of-custody. For mail ballots, consider using a mail ballot tracking system.

According to the's site, they have to officially call the election which they have not as of this time (11/9). So MSNBC, CNN, and we can include the newly added traitor Fox News (I will not include Hannity, Tucker Carlson) have no legal jurisdiction to call an Election. Their election results are considered void. 

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*Lawsuits have been filed in multiple states.




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