The tale of the Chinese Virologist and Trump’s Agenda.

The year is 2020, the ball has dropped once again and people of Earth are ready for a new year! Little did they know a political bomb in the form of virology would impact almost every face of the Earth. Causing mass deaths, closures of business and outdoor activities, stress on-top of normal life of human beings, an accident or was it?

This all starts with A President of a free country that decided to take the business in a whole new direction. Balancing the accounts payable and increasing the receivables.  Negotiating trade deals that would favor U.S. investors and kicking some returns to the tax payers. Tweeting his success in humorous texts, blasting his rivals and the anti-American voices, while believing in god (a form of energy), the USA, the world of the free, and the Israel state.

The timeline shows supportive evidence that something was very wrong about COVID19. I would like to introduce to the court my case.

Prequel: The Clinton Foundation along with the Obama's are losing control.

The former president accused of being a foreigner detailed how deeply un-American his accuser really is

Trump Calls For Complete Shutdown of Clinton Foundation

Exhibit A: Election Year. 

Exhibit B: The Democrats are losing control.

Exhibit C: Trade deals

Trump signs ‘phase one’ trade deal with China in push to stop economic conflict


 Exhibit D: CCP and The Chinese Bank devalues their currency  

Yuan fall: Why is China's currency getting weaker?

Exhibit E: Hong Kong


China’s national-security bill for Hong Kong is an attempt to terrify



Exhibit F: Sanctions

Trump signs Hong Kong sanctions bill in blow for China

Exhibit G: WHO defunding (due to CCP favoritism)


Trump announces end of US relationship with World Health Organization


Exhibit H: Huawei.

Huawei CFO house arrest contrasts with Canadians detained in China

Which lands us at Exhibit I: Virus.

The 2nd Yan Report by Zerohedge Janitor

We can continue down the road of how the socialist agenda is being pushed onto the free markets of the United States by various left-wing outfits. Along with communist mobs fueling the already hot fires of the West. If this case (which is my theory) is proved to be true, the war has already begun. 

The U.S.A. is a economic superpower, a leader and home to almost every race and nationality on the face of the earth. We believe in freedom, private property, a just and fair court system, a government for the people. Communism and Authoritarianism will never have a home in the U.S. It just doesn't work out.

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