Tesla (TSLA) could hit $800 a share by Feb 2021 and this is why

Market bull Baron told use months ago Tesla was going to hit $10,000 a share and TSLA came close to $2,500 before the split. Tesla Corporation is an original when it comes to electric transportation machines, electric equipment for residential and commercial use, and solar panels.

Going green has always been on the table and Amazon has pledged a $1 billion climate fund. Tesla is the perfect match and mastering the electric engine is only going to bring up the stock price. The amount of power electrical engines can produce will out preform gas and diesel engines in the near future. Elevators are a great example of just how much power can be produced. Now you factor in instant horse power (no need to rev up) you got yourself a powerful product.

This machine supported by back-up powerwalls and solar panels that will only get better lands us at the $800 mark Feb 2021.


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