Warp Drive, Dark Energy and the Manipulation of Extra Dimensions

Earth is a wonderful place packed with gorgeous rain forests, lakes, oceans, and mountains that provide us with an amazing environment we can all enjoy. Then you look up and see a vast area of space filled with stars, planets, and solar systems. Striking a planet with life on it has better odds then hitting the lottery according to NASA's numbers on inhabitable planets. Getting there, well that is another story which leads into our topic of discussion today.


Weekly Commute came across this declassified document that explains the government's research on warp drives, worm holes, and propulsion devices that could enable us to reach distant worlds. "If one is to realistically entertain the notion of interstellar exploration in time-frames of human lifespan, dramatic shift in the traditional approach to spacecraft propulsion is necessary."


The Warp Drive enables and or involves local manipulation of the fabric of space near the spacecraft, you can dive more in to detail by reading the report. With this type of engine we would be able to visit distant worlds within our lifetime and return with a story to tell. Maybe this could be how we are being visited as well? CIA has released articles pertaining to UFO’s and encounters from thousands of different aviation pilots and FAA controllers including military personal.


Weekly Commute has uncovered evidence that multiple governments are in pursuit of space exploration, searching distant worlds for audio signals, and technology advancement based on objects not from this world.


Link: Warp Drive, Dark Energy, and the Manipulation of Extra Dimensions.

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