The technology achieved today and what to expect tomorrow

Going back in history we have learned that civilizations have used every possible method known to them to advance. Bringing us to today, we have learned more in the past 60 years then any population has in the past 1000 years. How is this possible? Were we awarded a blueprint on electronic devices such as computers and hand held phones? Well space has a lot to offer this planet and only time will give us the answers.


Acre mainframes have been compressed into hand held devices such as tablets and phones. People now have more processing power in their pocket than ever before. So, what do we expect in the future? The design and stage has already been set. The years down the road we can expect faster more efficient devices and stronger, wider areas of service. If we were to go back in time and ask a knight what an iphone is, I'm sure they couldn't answer it, and would say "anything that complex is impossible". Well this same theory applies now. We don't know exactly what is on the horizon for future electronics but, we do know that it is endless.


Let's talk about smart phones and devices that just keep getting smarter. Maybe these devices now can link up with you. Our brains operate like a communications network we use in everyday life, one peer connects to another. So can an electronic device connect to the brain and communicate? The answer is definitely NOT "NO", we just have not reached that point yet. How about programs that can tell the brain to repair and delete viruses? With so much power of course comes responsibility and better firewall protection.


Future vehicles, self driving cars are most popular in the coming years but, is it the best thing for us? Humans have something computers do not as of right now, the ability to make a choice. Computers require a script in order to make that choice. The choices are pre-programmed into the files and the computer processes that. With A.I., computers are awarded the benefit of making a choice. Really hard topics we need to think about for our future. Computers have the advantage of speed over every human. Do we want to give them choice?

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