America Mail Service is delivering a whole new way to email. With direct POP and SMTP server access over SSL connections we are making it easier for you to create and send mail. We target the United States and offer a comprehensive domain group that is unique to you. Emails have always been controlled by the corporate empire of the world. America Mail Service & (NorthAmericom) have taken control of the U.S. domain and offer it to you, the residents. In the future we will be rolling out new features, communication tools, and an Application that will be available on both devices (Android, IOS). Chat services and easier mail viewing options, contacts and circles, friends, these are among several features we will be rolling out in the coming years.


Physicians and Doctors 200K Plus
One reason to start a degree and life as a Physician is because health is not going anywhere. Any smart investor will tell you to invest in commodities and categories that the people of this world need. Water is a necessary nutritional supplement that every human needs to live. Grave yards are in high demand as everyone born must depart (unless you are resurrected by god). With that being said we can see how doctors are a necessary part of life. The average doctor makes around $120,000 or more and if you own your own practice you can double and or quad that. The United States is a capitalist country, so always have high figures in mind.
College and the cost you are looking at is around $180,000.00 when everything is done and said. Now let's factor in the time to become a doctor and accumulating debt compared to making money during the duration. 6 years conservatively @35k a year is $210,000 that you have made instead of being in debt. BUT there are options available to you to pay school loans off, sometimes waived or even paid by your employer. The point is if when you start a school career, be prepared to be in debt and you must land an equal paying job to negate that debt along with covering cost of living.


Aviation 150K Plus
Pilots and FAA traffic controllers make excellent incomes. The average is 6 figures and can provide an excellent way of life. Traffic controllers can have a more stressed life due to the high demand of protecting life and property. Pilots come second to this because they are only responsible for their own machines & life within. A more cost effective way of diving into this profession is by starting out in the military. OS (Operations Specialists) and Airmen can gain experience to become a FAA Traffic controller. You may need additional schooling but Military looks great on your resume. Pilots unfortunately require college grads. To become an officer in the military you must be a college grad. You can go to a community college for 2 years, gain an associates degree and become an officer that way. Aviation is a great job and we recommend you discover what it can offer you.


Unions 120k Plus
Skilled unions and trade groups offer employees' great benefit programs, job locations, and working environments. These locations not only offer industry standard pay rates, but security when it comes to career level advancement and living a better life. You can dive into electrical, construction, steel, demolition, abatement, and others. Find what's good for you and pursue it.


Waitress staff and waiters (Includes bartenders). 35k Plus (full time) Waiting is easy and a good skill to learn to make fast pick up money. Waiters can make $500 or more a week working night shifts. Friday night depending on your table section you can make $150 women usually make more than men that's a fact. Bartenders make a lot of money. A good bartender can pull in $700 a week working 6 shifts (evenings). Like we said serving is a great job for pick-up money and to hold you over. Learn it. BUT remember job security in the serving world is low and expendable. Servers come and go.


Media 50K – 100k Plus
News anchors, field members, media support specialists make a good living. Remember the whole goal to going to school is to make decent money in the future and when you start to work. So you want to land a job that will work for you while you're off. Media jobs are in high demand and are not going anywhere so you can always find an opening and feel comfortable with job security once you land the position. Proper language skills, spelling, writing skills, and talking in front of large crowds is a must. If this is what you feel comfortable in doing then we recommend this career area for you.


Politicians and Politics 100K Plus
Politics are not going anywhere. But most politicians today are not for the principles of this great country (USA). Remember before you run for office or even think about going down this path to D.C. What can you do to lead? What can you do to budget? What can you do to audit? What can you do to investigate? How is, your history skills and your history background check? Are you pro war (if so why and where will that get you?). Do you know the constitution? Do you know how the house operates? Can you lead a nation out of a hole into a shinning, massive infrastructure full of jobs and forward progress? If this is you, than we recommend this career area for you.

What you need to survive.
Today you need 40k or more to survive. Rent almost anywhere is going to run you around 1,000 A month for a decent place. With inflation in the real world you are now required to make more money than ever to sustain a proper living standard. Let's look at the costs of what everyday living will run you.
Food: $400 M/ 4,800 Y/
Insurance: $80 M/ 960 Y/
Vehicle (New) $250 M/ 3,000 Y/ + Gas = $150 M/ 1,800 Y/
Rent: $1,000 M/ 12,000 Y/
Perks: $500 M/ 6,000 Y/ (Perks include any costs for fun and entertainment which you will incur)
Phone: $50 M/ 600 Y/
This is a minimal estimate, for some the cost may be less by a few hundred and some the cost may be more by a few hundred and even more.


Film and Entertainment 200K to 1 million plus.
Actors and actresses can make massive amounts of money. Live in excellent environments that provide a healthy, fresh, fun filled life that will award you a prosperous future. Acting is a art that comes with special skills. Only a skilled person can really fill this role so I will leave this at that. If you are skilled, look good, and got the right attitude, we recommend this job for you.
There're a lot of jobs out there. Do you need work? Well get off the couch or where ever you are and find one. Search job boards, news papers, and classifieds. You will find something. Remember to never give up, best of luck.

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