New York City (Weekly Commute): John F. Kennedy airport has millions of passengers each year and is one of the major tri-state airports that service NYC, CT, Long Island, and New Jersey. This is in fact why the JFK complex is a huge priority for the Port Authority. Terminal and traffic system remodels, updated computer systems, security, and air traffic controls will make this airport one of the best in the world. The airport services over 59 Million customers a year.


Federal and state budgets need to make room for major economical improvements.  Airports around the world are being built to handle the mass-transit demand of the future and modeled to attract more visitors and tourists. NYC and the surrounding area sell’s it’s self BUT will need to compete in years to come with Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai, and others.

LaGuardia is already on the invoice; the Port Authority has begun a plan for the remodel of LaGuardia and the lay-out is a great fit for the area and environment. JFK also has new improvements to come. Terminals that allow better traffic patterns, shops, services, and more area for people to relax and enjoy. Increase in gate numbers along with accommodations.


The Port Authority talks about The Path and Newark Liberty connections. The Port Authority is looking down the road and sees a major increase in passengers and aircraft activity. The states and federal government should always appropriate the correct funds and fulfill the request to indeed reassure the North-East and all the US has what they need to move forward. Success is the only option.


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