The United States Army

Army's core job is for the protection of the United States and its interests. Members of this elite organization receive training in fields such as medical, mechanics, explosives, and technology. The Army is regulated by the Secretary of the Army which is appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. The Army has many different installations that provide protection, intelligence, foreign affairs, and Home Land security efforts. We employ patriots that swear allegiance to the United States Constitution, the President, and the residential Republic. We encourage you to take a look around and see what the Army can do for you.

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This is the Army's official landing page. Research Army services, departments, and articles. Excellent information is available for recruits looking to sign on with the Army. Visitors can also find parental information and lifestyle material.

Army Reserve

This is the Army Reserve's website that offers resources on everything that deals with the Army Reserve. Find helpful links on operational commands, news, and the Ambassador Program.

Army Employment Careers

The best selection when it comes to job openings, careers, and the Army Reserve. Explore jobs across the entire department and get assistance with applying for the Army.. This service can provide excellent avenues for current and prior members to look at when hunting for an Army career.


    This site offers Military and regional news that deal with the United State Military.

  • OAN

    A whole Nation of news and headlines. Find links to articles from around the country and world. One America

  • USMA

    The United States Military Academy at West Point, NY. Army's School to educate and train cadets for tomorrow's

  • Army VA Resources

    Army Resources for Veterans. Explore links to different orginazations the specialize with veterans.

  • Army Health Resources

    This landing page has everything to do with health and related categories for the U.S. Army. Search for information fast like health announcements, health programs, and major health related material. News alerts and department wide health topics can be found as well.

  • Army History

    Learn about the Army and it's History. Everything you need to know on how the Army was formed and populated into the great department it is today.


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