Stars fell on Alabama

Welcome to the great state of Alabama. Management is a key to our success from the city of Birmingham to Montgomery. We have proud citizens that work hard to create a great economy which includes health care, mineral extraction, manufacturing, and finance. From Mobile to Huntsville our state keeps things moving. We are a proud member of the U.S. and are thankful for this great Republic.

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| House of Representatives: www.legislature.state is your resource to everything AL! You can research the best prices for hotels in all of the major cities. Find great places to shop, explore, and dine. Discover events all across the great state and get access to the finest attractions. Plan and prepare for a great time with plenty of fun, smiles, and love. When you are done adventuring the outdoors you can sit down and watch a great movie. Find what you need including a job board.

This is your place to find the best nightlife and entertainment. The site offers links and locations to all of the fine restaurants in and around the city of Montgomery. Are you in the mood for jazz? Check out the Jazz and Blues club. Good landing page to find a place to visit, stay, and lounge. The fun is always here and the spirit is Alive.

Alabama keeps things moving: Alabama Workforce

The best selection when it comes to job openings, training opportunities, and research. Create a résumé and apply for jobs in the health care industry, automotive, and manufacturing. Search for specific job openings, workshops, and resources with hiring and government assistance. Alabama Workforce can provide excellent interviewing, negotiating salaries and evaluating job offers guidance.

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  • Alabama History

    Learn about Alabama and its History. Everything you need to know about how Alabama was made into the great state it is today.


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